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Mon Feb 19 05:50:45 UTC 2007

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> I am having a problem printing from CUPS.  I did a fresh install on 6.2
> release and cups-1.2.7.  I am trying to configure for an HP1022.  The
> install was successful, and I can manage the printer from the web
> interface.  But, when I try to print a test page, the light on the printer
> starts flashing but nothing gets printed.  The printer admin page shows
> the following:
>         Description: HP1022
> Location: office
> Make and Model: HP LaserJet Series PCL 4/5 CUPS v1.2
> Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published.
> Device URI: socket://
> ID      Name    User    Size    Pages   State   Control         State
> HP1022-1        Test Page       root    18k     Unknown         stopped
> So, it appears that after I send the job the printer goes into "Stopped"
> state.
> I checked the logs, and there is something I don't understand.  It says:
> cupsdAuthorize: No authentication data provided
> What does this mean?  Where do you set authentication?  Is this the cause
> of the problem, or a symptom of something else?

The problem would  be that  you did not give the access to those users who
wants to print
in KDE you invoke system settings/printer manager and there  you add the

Choose the printer in question and click properties tab and on there would
be box like , general, interface etc, scroll down to the bottom most there
you will find users, once you choose those box you will see change on
properties box

Click change and choose allowed users  and add that user in question.

This may resolve this issue

Best regards


> Log files attached.
> Any help would be really appreciated!
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