AMD/ATI FGLRX on FreeBSD lives again?

Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri almarrie at
Sun Feb 18 06:28:54 UTC 2007

Hey Guys,
Last update: January 28th, 2007

The driver, as it stands, does the following:

   1. Installs the applicable Linux libraries, and ATI programs to
your linux_base.
   2. Compiles and installs the following ATI programs (For FreeBSD):
fgl_glxgears, fglrx_gamma, and the ATI control panel.
   3. Installs the X11 drivers and libraries. (Linux builds, but work
file under FreeBSD)
      Supports full 2D acceleration, including accelerated XVideo.
   4. Supports TV out and MultiHead.
   5. Does NOT support 3D acceleration, or build the kernel module.

Any of you aware of this?


-Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri
Arab Portal

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