Automount 'Host is Down'

Robert Davison rob_27_preston at
Sat Feb 17 21:15:55 UTC 2007

I've got a sun storedge disk array with two 9BG disks that im trying to automount to FreeBSD 6.2
  I've got the following in my rc.conf:
amd_flags="-a /.amd_mnt -l syslog /host /etc/"

  my fstab has the following entries:
  /dev/da0s1b             none            swap    sw              0       0
/dev/da0s1d             /mnt/s          ufs     rw,noauto       0       0
/dev/da1s1b             none            swap    sw              0       0
/dev/da1s1d             /mnt/t          ufs     rw,noauto       0       0
  my /etc/ is as follows:
  # $FreeBSD: src/etc/,v 1.9 2002/05/15 22:24:29 obrien Exp $
/defaults       type:=host;fs:=${autodir}/${rhost};rhost:=${key}
*               opts:=rw,grpid,resvport,vers=3,nfsv2,proto=udp,nosuid,nodev
  localhost       type:=auto;fs:=${map};pref:=${key}/
  localhost/s     type:=program;fs:=/mnt/s;\
                mount:="/sbin/mount mount /mnt/s";\
                unmount:="/sbin/umount umount /mnt/s"
  localhost/t     type:=program;fs:=/mnt/t;\
                mount:="/sbin/mount mount /mnt/t";\
                unmount:="/sbin/umount umount /mnt/t"
  and finally, my /etc/amd.conf is as follows:
[ global ]
normalize_hostnames =   no
print_pid =             no
restart_mounts =        yes
auto_dir =              /n
log_file =              /var/log/amd
log_options =           all
#debug_options =        all
plock =                 no
selectors_on_default =  yes
# config.guess picks up "sunos5" and I don't want to edit my maps yet
os =                    sos5
# if you print_version after setting up "os", it will show it.
print_version =         no
map_type =              file
search_path =           /etc/
browsable_dirs =        yes
[ /s ]
map_name =              amd.s
  [ /t ]
map_name =              amd.t
  I have created links from / to /host/localhost/t as well as /host/localhost/s

  When I boot the system I have the /host directory. If I ls /hosts the directory is empty as expeced. When I try and cd to /t (remember linking through to /host/localhost/t) i get a message saying /t: Host is down message.
  Now if I look in /host, I have the /host/localhost directory, so it seems that amd is trying to work, but for some reason /t is unavailable.
  If I change my fstab to mount the partitions without amd i.e so that the /t and /s partitions automount on boot as well as turning off the amd deamon on boot, (after creating directories for /t and /s under /mnt) everything works fine.
  I just cant figure out why the /t: and /s host is down message is appearing when using amd.
  Has anyone had a similar experience ?


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