"Operation not permitted" when mounting floppy or cdrom

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Sat Feb 17 21:14:00 UTC 2007

lysergius2001 wrote:
> FreeBSD 6.2.  Recently installed will not permit user mount of floppy disk,
> cdrom, or usb.  Works fine as root.  Checked devfs.conf, devfs.rules, 
> fstab,
> /dev.  Nothing seems to make a difference.
> Any ideas welcomed...
> Thanks

You don't have access to the /dev nodes. Make sure that your user has 
the ability to mount.

Make sure that this sysctl is also set to 1:

vfs.usermount: 1

If that doesn't work, then we'll have to get more info about the devices 
you're trying to mount (ls -l), what groups you're in, etc.

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