Internet Explorer on FreeBSD

John Nielsen lists at
Sat Feb 17 01:48:53 UTC 2007

On Friday 16 February 2007 19:32, Chris wrote:
> Kevin Downey wrote:
> > I do a bit of web dev stuff so it would be nice to be able to see the
> > page in IE.
> > A website I use for work uses ActiveX.
> > I hate dual booting.
> > What is the best(easiest) way to run ie on freebsd?
> Four ways - in order of ease to hardness
> 1. Separate box that IS Windows.
> 2. Dual Boot
> 3. VMWare (or some equivalent)
> 4. Wine (Goooood Luck)

For current versions of Wine and FreeBSD this definitely won't work (I've 
tried). If you go back a few versions of one or the other or both there 
used to be a combination where wine's memory allocation wasn't hosed up 
under FreeBSD (I think). I don't understand enough about the current 
problem to say more than that, but there's a fair amount of discussion 
about it in various places.

If you do get a happily functioning wine, there's a nice shell script 
(requires bash) package that will automatically fetch the IE binaries and 
dependent packages and set everything up for you. I can't remember what 
it's called offhand, though.


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