Building Home Server

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Fri Feb 16 17:43:36 UTC 2007

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>Is this a Windows box or a BSD box, that you are trying to run a server on?

a hard drive for each. This is only a personal server. My workhorse is
located elsewhere. But I'm tired of having problems with experimenting
on my workhorse! Once I get this built, then whenever I try something
new, I'll try it on this unit, then once it works build it on the
workhorse. You know, like you're "supposed" to do it ;)

>If you are looking for information on how to set up something similar, I 
>have an excellent grasp, how to do it, up to and including setting up a 
>very basic PF, to keep the crackers out.

Fire away! I'd love to see your packet filters and anything else you have that you think would be of interest! Thanks!

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