Building Home Server

Drew Jenkins drewjenkinsjr at
Fri Feb 16 15:37:23 UTC 2007

I'm building a server at home to mimic my live server. The instructions require that I gather the following information: 
* IP address
* IP address of default gateway
* Hostname
* DNS server IP address
* Subnet Mask
Now, I think I can use as my IP address, since that calls up my satellite interface. I've tried running "ipconfig /all" from the "run" command in Windoze, but it flashes the results so quickly then disappears that I don't have a chance to read the results! How do I get this information? Is there a Web site that can read my config? Or, what's a good guess at the defaults that would work for my satellite interface (which would be better, in case my data isn't static)? Also, where do I go in FBSD to edit the config so I can access the net?

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