Advice needed - how did I get into this mess?

Roy Plant plantr at
Fri Feb 16 13:32:37 UTC 2007

The last time I dabbled with Unix was 20 years ago - so I'm old and more than
a little rusty. A while ago I decided FreeBSD 5.4 + Apache2 + PHP 5 +
PostgreSQL + MySQL was a decent way to set up a development server. So I put
all this on a dual Xeon platform - spent ages configuring and getting things
working together but eventually succeeded.
I then purchased Zend Studio and loaded that on a Windoze XP workstation and
loaded Zend Platform on the server so I could achieve remote de-bugging of
the PHP web pages. 

All was well in the world until the hard disk on the server decided to
retire. So two weeks ago I replaced the HDD and decided it was time to upate
everything to the latest versions - FreeBSD 6.2, PHP 5.2.1, Apache 2.2 
-isn't it suprising how quickly one forgets the configuration changes made
in order to get it all talking? So after two weeks everything is up and
running - last thing to load is the PHP development side - i.e. Zend

I see from their web site that Platform V3 is released, but not for FreeBSD
- so I downloaded V2.2.3 and tried to install.
After lots of frustration I then discovered that this version of Platform
does not support PHP 5.2.1 ("Aaaaggghhh")

I guess the easiest solution is to downgrade the PHP install to 5.1 - so
here's the questions

1) How do I downgrade to PHP 5.1?
2) How do I keep the rest of my ports up to date without updating PHP 5?


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