Eclipse Installation in FreeBSD

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri Feb 16 05:55:53 UTC 2007

sans wrote:
> hi all, 
> I'm new to freebsd and do not have any unix or linux background. I want to
> install eclipse for c++ developement. do we to need to install jre prior to
> eclipse ? If so, could you please help on how to install jre. Also I
> searched for eclipse setup for freebsd, but couldnt find that from their
> site, from where can we get that? Will the eclipse for linus work in
> freebsd? Could anyone tell the installation procedures?
> thanks in advance,
> sans.

The Eclipse port is available in /usr/ports/java/eclipse.

Type in make install and it will install the eclipse port and all of its 

See man ports for more information.


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