nforce 4 sata and freebsd 6

Chris chrcoluk at
Thu Feb 15 11:33:26 UTC 2007

I noticed one of my servers works much better in freebsd 5 noticeably
it is faster and more stable.

I then found this post.


So in freebsd 5.x there was limited nforce 4 support for pata devices
and a patch made to support sata devices, so I checked the same file
on freebsd 6.2 and there is no reference to ATA_NFORCE4 at all in the
file, checked 5.4 and sure enough its there.

So my question is why did ata-chipset.c in 2004 have some support for
nforce4 and a patch in current which I think was 6.x at the time have
support for sata and now nforce4 is completely wiped in 6.x?

Was it not stable and scrapped for timescale to release or some other
reason? nforce4 is a fairly popular chipset.

My 150 sata hd is running in some sort of compatibility mode now as a
result of the lack of a driver.


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