Xorg on FreeBSD does not work

takhoos at hotmail.com takhoos at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 15 08:30:52 UTC 2007

> > On 2/15/07, Neeraj Sharma <neeraj.dl at gmail.com> wrote:> > > I am a newbie to FreeBSD world. I am trying to install FreeBSD6.2 on my HP> > > zv5240us laptop. Everything else went off fine except the X config. I ran> > > the command X -configure which created a xorg.conf.new file. When I use that> > > to run X it just shows a blank screen and I am not able to go back to the> > > console also.You can try editing your xorg.conf.new file and adding a statement which reduces your default depth...sometime this helps:Section "Screen"        Identifier "Screen0"        Device     "Card0"        Monitor    "Monitor0"        DefaultDepth 15                              # <--------add this line and try your test again        SubSection "Display"--Joe
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