kernel: vr0: discard oversize frame

sai sonicsai at
Wed Feb 14 12:23:16 UTC 2007

On 2/14/07, Josh Paetzel <josh at> wrote:
> I don't have any vr or rl cards, but see if you can increase the MTU
> on them.  See the ifconfig manpage for details on how to do so.
> Obviously you'd want to set it to at least 1532. :)
> --
> Thanks,
> Josh Paetzel

mtu is currently 1500.  "ifconfig vr0 mtu 1532" leaves the mtu
unchanged, but  if I try to reduce it then  it does work,
"ifconfig vr0 mtu 1498"  sets mtu to 1498.  Looks like that 1500 is
the max that the vr driver/card will accept.


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