kernel: vr0: discard oversize frame

sai sonicsai at
Wed Feb 14 06:44:02 UTC 2007

(apologies if this is an inappropriate list for this, I am relatively
new to FreeBSD )

I get this error quite frequently  on my pf firewall running 6.2 and
it leads to loss of internet access.
kernel: vr0: discard oversize frame (ether type 710a flags 3 len 1532
> max 1514)

vr0 is connected to my ISPs cable modem, ip address is provided by
DHCP. Whenever I get this oversized (or maybe malformed) packet I need
to reboot my machine to get back online, though sometimes just
resetting (down,  then up) the ethernet port works also.

The machine also has rl ethernet cards and they also suffer from the
same problem. It is not possible to change the ethernet cards as the
machine is an appliance.

Any pointers/suggestions/help?


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