Poll: What's the best audio player

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Wed Feb 14 03:40:46 UTC 2007

Andy Greenwood wrote:
> On 2/13/07, Chris <racerx at makeworld.com> wrote:
>> What is the best audio (MP3/OGG/Etc) to use under Gnome?
> I've always liked Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, and am currently
> listening to some Journey. Format isn't so important as long as the
> quality is good. ;-)
> As for audio players, I've always used xmms and have never seen any
> reason to use another.

FreeBSD is a bit behind the times in this regard, considering that xmms 
(1.x branch) hasn't seen much development action in quite a few months.

Audacious, a port of the 1.x tree BMP source is a good, solid player. 
It's based on xmms, so if simplicity is a must, this player has it in 

Plus, one of the nicer features of audacious over xmms is that it uses 
gstreamer for its plugin system, which means the number of plugins 
available for use with audacious is higher than xmms. Besides, faad2 
(m4a, aac) support is better with the non-xmms plugin, so I will happily 
take audacious over xmms since I prefer mp4 formatted files over mp3.

BMP-2 is pretty ghetto right now (still highly under development and is 
buggy), and BMP-1 isn't that great. I was pleased though when I found 
out about audacious.


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