Newbie--new install on Core 2 Duo?

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Tue Feb 13 15:42:37 UTC 2007

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 11:23:20AM +0300, Mike Barnard wrote:

> >Ive never installed FreeBSD by myself, its always been installed for me by
> >someone. But im planning on getting a new laptop soon, thinking of the
> >ThinkPad T60, which now has a Intel Core 2 Due processor.
> nice choice
> What do i need to do to make sure i'm getting the use of both cores? I read
> >through the Handbook on Installation and it doesnt say anything about this.
> booting FreeBSD  of the CD automatically detects the number of CPU's and
> boots the SMP kernel config. after you do your installation, with no custom
> kernel, it will continue to do so. the safe option is of course to build
> your own Kernel with SMP enabled.
> you are safer off installing PCBSD or DesktopBSD, though the former will
> give you an easier out fit for that hardware
> Thanks. Any other thoughts welcome! Im a little nervous about this, but the
> >T60 seems to be well supported.

Just get the FreeBSD_6.2_RELEASE_disc1.iso and do the install.
You're not going to hurt anything.  It is going to work just fine.
If you make a mistake, you can do it over and only lose a few minutes.
The only little confusion might come if you are dual booting the
machine.   Then, just make sure you create a slice for FreeBSD and
install on the FreeBSD slice and it will work fine.

You don't need all these other mini-FreeBSDs or playtop FreeBSDs.
It is easy enough to just install the regular FreeBSD and you will
learn more that way.    Anyway, it sounds like you are well beyond
that total newbie beginner stage already.  

Once you get the basic FreeBSD up and running, it would be a 
good idea to CVSUP to the very latest so you have any possible
security fixes and also do that for the ports and build/install
the world.  It is covered in the handbook and there are also
several web pages out there with step-by-step descriptions of
how to do it.

Then head to /usr/ports and install whatever third party things
you want to have.    Build pretty much everything from ports,
except maybe openoffice which is so huge to build.  For that
you might prefer to go get one of the premade binary
packages for FreeBSD and do a pkg_add of that.

So, just do it,


> you are welcome
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