Newbie--new install on Core 2 Duo?

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum bg271828 at
Tue Feb 13 15:02:06 UTC 2007

Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri <almarrie at> wrote: On 2/12/07, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum  wrote:
> Ive never installed FreeBSD by myself, its always been installed for me by someone. But im planning on getting a new laptop soon, thinking of the ThinkPad T60, which now has a Intel Core 2 Due processor.
> What do i need to do to make sure i'm getting the use of both cores? I read through the Handbook on Installation and it doesnt say anything about this.
> Thanks. Any other thoughts welcome! Im a little nervous about this, but the T60 seems to be well supported.
> Jen

The best approach to learn more about FreeBSD in my opinion is to
install PCBSD 1.3.01 which is based on FreeBSD 6.1 or DesktopBSD
1.6-RC1 which is FreeBSD 6.2 , they will detect your cpus and will
install the right kernel to use both cpus beside complete ready
FreeBSD with KDE desktop in your thinkpad notebook.
Thanks. I do want to say though that i have *used* FreeBSD alot on the desktop before (though im still pretty novice), i just havnent *installed* it--friends 
always did it for me. So i'm sure PCBSD or DesktopBSD are good solutions, but i'm trying to do a full install of the real thing, and learn how to do this myself.


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