Onpening and Closing ports

Zbigniew Szalbot zbyszek at szalbot.homedns.org
Tue Feb 13 08:15:53 UTC 2007


Peter N. M. Hansteen wrote:
> You can head them off rather easily with a short PF rule set, see
> eg http://home.nuug.no/~peter/pf/en/bruteforce.html.
> They can actually be fun to watch :)

It was funny for me because I set the max con rule to 10 and then logged
in 10 times to see if that would work. Of course that did (silly me!) and
as a result I blocked myself the access to the machine. I logged in from
another IP and commented out the pf.conf file entries for the bruteforce
but wonder how to empty the table (so that it does not contain my ip) and
enable the bruteforce defence again.

Thank you very much!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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