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Tue Feb 13 00:07:59 UTC 2007

On Feb 11, 2007, at 12:08 PM, rloefgren at wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, jekillen wrote:
>> Hello all;
>> I have purchased a set of 6.2 cds from FreeBSD Mall
>> and have not received answers to querys re when it
>> will be delivered.
>> Does anyone here have pull there? Buying it is a
>> way of donating to this community right?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Jeff K
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> Jeff,
> I have a subscription with them and, except for one very minor snafu, 
> they have been fine. The CD sets are not put out immediately 
> certainly, but they have never failed to send one to me as scheduled. 
> Of course, in the world of business everything can change overnight, 
> but I'm not worried that my set isn't going to show up.
Thanks, odd this is the second copy of your message I have received. 
This afternoon I came home from work and found a notice to pick up a 
from the post office. I am never around when they or UPS tries to 
deliver stuff. So I will pick it up and I am guessing it is the cd set, 
I am not execting
anything else from the post office like that.
Jeff K

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