CPU Intel core 2 (64bits). Which freeBSD should I install?

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 20:20:25 UTC 2007

> Hi all;
> I looked up on the Free archives and what I found was that I should either
> install amd64 ( if I use lots of multimedia stuff) or i386 (later compiling
> for SMP). I tried ia64 (which I thought means Intel Architecture) but the
> image won't even boot.
> This machine is going to be exclusively an e-mail/DNS server.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks

As an addendum to the other reply, with a bit more info:

i386 -> Intel x86, 32 bit. It will run on a Pentium CPU or higher, and
most stuff will even run on a 386 or higher if you do it right.
IA64 -> Intel Architecture, 64 bit. This is /not/ 64 bit x86, but
rather the Itanium architecture.
AMD64 -> AMDs 64 bit architecture. If you see a 64 bit x86 processor.
This is what it runs. Intel's implementation of this is called EMT64,
but it is effectively the same thing.

If you want to use dual core, you will need an SMP kernel. I'm not
sure which flag in the config file is needed, but it should be in the

As for which you want: for email/DNS, unless you are on a really high
load (ISP or major network link), either will work, and a Core 2 Duo
is almost certainly overkill. AMD64 should get you a bit better
calculation performance, but I believe i386 will have smaller
instruction sizes, which could reduce the data transfer times for
program switching -> lower latency. Can anyone clarify this? In either
case, your bottleneck will probably be the wire between the machine
and the hub/switch/router/wall, and the version of the OS won't be a
big deal.

Is this a home machine or an office machine? How many computers will
be using it for DNS and for mail?

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