DJBDNS missing from ports?

Roger Olofsson raggen at
Sun Feb 11 10:43:51 UTC 2007

Dear Mailing List,

After a recent buildworld (6.2-STABLE FreeBSD) and portsnap fetch 
portversion reported djbdns as being in need of an upgrade, however 
portupgrade just exits like so:

# portupgrade -Rr djbdns-ipv6

ie, nothing happens.

A quick locate djbdns | grep ports gave the results that it might be on 
the move from ports/dns to ports/net but there are no files for it in 
net and the one in dns looks to be the one I have installed.

Then I fired up and did a port search for it and it's 
not there at all? Has it been removed from the ports tree?

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