strange troubles building 6.2

Kent Stewart kstewart at
Sun Feb 11 04:53:27 UTC 2007

On Thursday 08 February 2007 17:53, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Folks,
> 	I finally begged a favor a got two working NIC's in what will be
> 	my emergency backup DNS server.  The box is old and slow but the
> 	hardware is ++solid.  It was easy getting my 5.3 CD upgraded to
> 	5.5, but for unknown reasons,I'm having troubles moving up to
> 	6.2-R.  (I upgrades this server [tao] from 5.5 to 6.2-PRE without
> 	any problems. )  KERNEL=GENERIC on my backup server and I'm
> 	typing

What happened to KERNCONF=GENERIC

> make buildworld &&
> make buildkernel &&
> make installkernel;
> 	Things hung up after buildworld, during buildkernel.  Thanks
> 	to the "&&", the buildworld finished successfully.  I'm all but
> 	sure that the cvsup grabbed all 6.2 files.  The troubles have
> 	only been happening in the past two or three days.  Has anybody
> 	else seen thtis?

With the security  bulletin, I upgraded both 5-stable and 6-stable 


> 	tia,
> 	gary

Kent Stewart
Richland, WA "I am Andean project".

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