cvsup tag for ports

Michael bsdquestions at
Sat Feb 10 22:32:32 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm building a production server and I have what may seem to be a very 
simple question so I hope it only requires a simple answer.

As I've studied the FreeBSD Handbook as well as the man pages for this, 
it's still not clear to me which tag I should use for a production server.

For my sources I always use the security branch for the release we are 
using so that they stay stable and also plug most of the security issues 
as they arise and so the sources tag is always RELENG_6_2.

For the ports, the default tag is always tag=. which I'm not sure is the 
best thing for a production server since that's the tab for -CURRENT.  
On one hand it makes sense to track that branch for ports because that's 
where fixes would go for applications as they find them, but I'm not 
convinced this is the best thing for a production server and wonder if I 
should also use the security branch for the ports.

My first question is, does any real security fixes go into the ports 
when you pull from a security branch?  In other words, do maintainers 
actually submit fixes to that branch for the ports?

I have a similiar question for the docs as well, should we be tracking 
only the security branch when using cvsup for sources, ports and doc's?

I'd appreciate any and all feedback on this issue.

Thank you for your replies in advance,

Michael Lawver

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