backup solution

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Feb 10 21:00:04 UTC 2007

Dino Vliet wrote:
[ ... ]
> Then I will install freebsd on the first disk and will
> use the two spare IDE-disks on the same cable as a
> geom-mirror. 
> I will use the system then as a central node with
> rsync to do daily backups of my main data that is
> scattered around on different desktops on my lan.
> Does anyone have tips regarding this kind of
> installation?

Please be aware that the ATA implementation of the VIA EPIA chipset isn't the 
greatest, especially when both are active at the same time.  I've seen drive 
performance drop towards 5MB/s for WDC600/WDC800/WDC1200-grade drives which 
normally run at 40MB/s if you do something on the other channel as well.

> Do I also need a specialised tool like bacula for the
> way I want to use it?

If you just want to have a hot-standby for a bunch of files, using rsync is 
fine.  Using fancier backup schemes tends to make sense when using 
external/replaceable media like tapes or I suppose CD-R/DVD-R, rather than 
just with a plain set of disks.


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