backup solution

Dino Vliet dino_vliet at
Sat Feb 10 18:26:30 UTC 2007

Hi peeps,

I'm busy preparing my via c3 system to utilize it as a
backup file server.

On the motherboard I have two IDE channels and
currenntly they have installed a IDE hard disk and a
dvd-rom. However, I have bought an extra IDE cable
where I will put two IDE hard disks in a master-slave
or cable select relation and put that on one of the
IDE banks. The other IDE bank I will use to put the
primary disk and the dvd-rom in a master-slave or
cable-select relation.

Then I will install freebsd on the first disk and will
use the two spare IDE-disks on the same cable as a

I will use the system then as a central node with
rsync to do daily backups of my main data that is
scattered around on different desktops on my lan.

Does anyone have tips regarding this kind o

Do I also need a specialised tool like bacula for the
way I want to use it?


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