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Joe Holden joe at
Sat Feb 10 06:42:18 UTC 2007

Ray wrote:
>> On 2/10/07, Ray <ray at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Just wondering if this list is the right place to ask for suggestions
>> for
>>> what package to use for various purposes?
>> Yep... what did you have in mind?
> I'm looking for a package (or set of packages) that would provide a mail
> server with the following capabilities
> minimally:
> pop and smtp access that could handle 20 to 100 domains and 200 to 2000
> mail boxes.(allowing some room for future growth)

Post for for smtp.
Dovecot with Maildir for imap/pop3.

> ideally: also provide a web interface for individual users and also for
> administration on a per domain and whole server level.
> we have several customers that need to be able to administer their own
> domains, (Read this as I don't want ten calls a day saying "I forgot my
> password") but we don't want them touching others accounts. 

Perhaps one of the many freely available webmail packages, im sure at 
least one is capable of changing passwords via sasl and such.

> spam and virus scanning would be a definite plus, but from what I have
> read, these two parts are fairly straight forward.
> We have recently changed the web server from M$ to FreeBSD and now we're
> trying to change the mail server too. 
> Thanks for any pointers or suggestions.
> Ray

Amavisd-new with ClamAV and SpamAssassin perhaps? My Current setup uses 
all of the above and it handles a shedload of traffic just fine.

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