Setting up an ftp server for anonymous use, freebsd 6.2

George Greene at
Sat Feb 10 00:30:23 UTC 2007

i would like to use freebsd 6.2 to setup an ftp server that allows  
anonymous access and does not allow those anonymous user to see any  
other directories other than the pub directory where the files will  

so far i have been able to turn on the ftp server.  in the file,  
inetd.conf i removed the # from the line.  i then ran inetd.  i  
checked to see if the server was running, ftp abc at, and i  
got back the user and password prompts.  so it's working.
but, when i move to another machine, the ftp server does not answer.   
ssh works though.  i can ssh into the freebsd box from another machine.

when i type in anonymous as the user name, the login fails, and i  
don't even get the password prompt.  i do not see /etc/ftphosts, /etc/ 
ftpwelcome, /etc/ftpmotd/, /var/ftp/, /var/ftp/pub/, /var/ftp/bin, / 

i been reading freebsd unleashed, an old edition, but i don't  
understand how the setup anonymous ftp access.  please help.



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