Importing a server setup.

Grant Peel gpeel at
Fri Feb 9 14:47:33 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have a very good setup on a server that I would like to clone to a brand new server, and an existing server.

My plan is dependant on two things, feel free to comment on them if I am missing something:

0.  Make sure the machine to be cloned is using a generic kernel, and ensure the SAS driver is enabled.

1. I will take complete dumps of all the file systems (less swap and dev of course). These will be kept on a local machine that has filesharing setup (another freebsd box).

2.  a. I will boot the new box using FreeBSD 6.1 or 6.2 CD.    (How do I keep from entering sysinstall?)
     b.Setup the new filesystems,
     c. setup a local network IP and configure a network fileshare client so I can get to the dumps,  (this is doable, right?)
     d. inport the stored data, and configure the machine specific details (hostname, IP etc etc etc),

Am I missing antything here?


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