Low-cost dedicated FreeBSD server or non-jail VPS?

RJ ryanfirst at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 8 20:18:14 UTC 2007

 LayeredTech.com (https://order.layeredtech.com/servers.lt?categoryId=4). If
your not in a hurry watch to forums at layeredtech for specials. One special
for $59.00, just sold out
(http://layer0.layeredtech.com/showthread.php?t=5016) .

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Subject: Low-cost dedicated FreeBSD server or non-jail VPS?

> I'm looking to rent a low-cost FreeBSD dedicated server or VPS with
> root access. For a VPS, I realize this is really psuedo-root access.
> I once rented a VPS on a FreeBSD box that was split into virtual boxes
> using "jail", but wasn't happy with it. So, if it's not a dedicated
> box, I'm looking for something like Virtuozzo, Xen, vmware running
> FreeBSD as a guest OS, etc.
> The box doesn't have to be super-fast or have lots of disk space: just
> looking for something that will let me play around with ports, pf, run
> experiments, etc
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
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