Routing problem

George Vanev george.vanev at
Thu Feb 8 13:43:57 UTC 2007

> Nothing?  You're able to arp and, can you ping
> them?
> Since you have an RFC-1918 address on both the inside and the outside, I
> assume you're running nat on this machine to translate internal machine
> traffic.  It looks like you have all the routes you need, so my _guess_
> at this point is that when the public address is up, the nat is preventing
> traffic from going out that interface without being translated.  Once it
> has a public address, it can't route properly on the 192.168.64/22 space.
> Have a look at what you're using for nat.  If you can't see anything
> obviously at odds, post your nat/firewall/related config.
> --
> Bill Moran
> Collaborative Fusion Inc.
No I can't ping them.
Just to be sure I switched off the natd... It's the same.
I want the FreeBSD box to connect to both - internet and 192.168.64/22
and the I'll think of the nat

George Vanev

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