Low-cost dedicated FreeBSD server or non-jail VPS?

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Thu Feb 8 04:50:15 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 07 February 2007 23:10, Peter Clark wrote:
> Is this up your alley?
> http://www.johncompanies.com/jc_vps.html

I use this service and highly recommend it, but it definitely falls under 
the "jail" category. They've modified the stock FreeBSD jails pretty 
heavily and most of the time it's not obvious you're running in a jail, but 
if you want to do anything like create virtual interfaces, use your own 
mountpoints or (as the OP mentioned) experiment with firewall setups you'll 
be out of luck.

JC does also offer dedicated servers on which they're more than happy to 
install and support FreeBSD, but I'm not sure that meets the "low-cost" 


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