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James Strother strother at
Wed Feb 7 23:58:38 UTC 2007


I've been trying to get FreeBSD 6.2 up and going
on an AMD64 machine of mine, but have encountered
a few problems.  Most of the issues are minor
annoyances, but I can't get around the last one
for the life of me.  Please let me know which
bugs are known (I searched and couldn't find any
of the following reported), and any help on the
last issue would be most appreciated.

Issue 1.  During the installation, a menu asks which
package group should be installed.  If I use the
arrows to select "X-Kern-Developer" then hit SPACE
it immediately goes to the next screen.  This seems
to be a bug, the box should be selected but the
installer should not progress to the next screen
until the OK button is selected.  As is, the
behavior is inconsistent with every other menu in
the installer.

Issue 2. After hitting Issue 1, I decided to select
a different package group so I hit Cancel.  Somehow
I wound up back at the beginning of the installer,
which was fine.  But when I re-started the install
I never got the option of what package groups to
install or whether or not I wanted the ports.  In
order to "really" restart I had to reboot the machine.

Issue 3. After finishing the installation of selected
ports, I get a menu that asks whether I would like to
install other users/groups.  When I hit ENTER after
highlighting "User", the installer crashed giving me
the message "panic: going nowhere without my init!"
then something about having no device to dump.

Issue 4. After Issue 3, I normally would have copied
down the exact text to send in a report.  However,
it seems to reboot automatically after 15s, while
providing no means to stop the countdown.  The auto-
restart seems counter-productive.  Why would I be in
such a rush to restart the system after a failed
install?  Might as well leave the message so that
bug reports can be reported with more information.

Issue 5. After restarting the install, I successfully
got through it the next time (I did essentially the
same thing, which suggests that Issue 3 is intermittent
at best).  I installed KDE during the initial install,
and setup KDM as per the handbook.  However, when I
log out of KDE the colors get messed up.  It looks
like some color table is getting corrupted so that
certain colors are rendered as other colors.  For
example, it looks like what should be a sky blue is
now rendered lime green.  This happens every time
I log out of KDE, every time I use the machine.  If
it matters, I'm using a GeForce 6200 card.  Let me
know what other details are needed.

Thanks in advance,
   Jim Strother

James Strother
McHenry Laboratory

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