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Devin Heckman terrio at
Wed Feb 7 23:54:45 UTC 2007


The organization I work for is looking to purchase hardware that will
serve as a backup server running FreeBSD. We have purchased from IBM for
many years, but we are looking at branching out and purchasing from a 
vendor which explicitly supports FreeBSD.

I have been looking at

recently, and am wondering if anyone on this list has any experience
with this vendor. If not, from whom do you recommend buying hardware for
a FreeBSD server? We look for good service contracts (on-site hardware
support available, for example) as well as reliable hardware.

(Though this may not be necessary, we're looking at buying something
that can handle the backup of greater than 20 and less than 40 servers,
but remain under a budget of $5k. We think we'll need ~1TB of storage
space. Needless to say, we don't need state-of-the-art hardware to
accomplish this.)

Thanks a bunch!

Devin Heckman
System Administrator
RSSP-IT-NI, UC Berkeley
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