Sync'ng directories between two servers ...

Antony Mawer fbsd-questions at
Wed Feb 7 21:28:58 UTC 2007

On 8/02/2007 1:11 AM, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
>   I've got a directory on ServerA that I would like to keep sync'd on ServerB 
> ... to date, I've been using rsync for this, but what I hate with that is that 
> it has to scan the whole directory on both servers to compare, putting a good 
> load on each of them ...
>   Is there anything out there that ppl are using successfully that just looks 
> at ServerA, and dumps across those files that have changed since the last sync? 
> ServerB will never have any changes made to it, other then what ServerA sends 
> across ...

Try sysutils/cpdup - I've used it in the past and it's reasonably quick 
and efficient.


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