Problem with Serverworks HT1000 serial ATA support - Tyan S3992 Motherboard

Nicole Harrington drumslayer2 at
Wed Feb 7 19:16:13 UTC 2007

--- Mike Tancsa <mike at> wrote:

> At 10:18 PM 2/6/2007, Nicole Harrington wrote:
> >
> > > I use RELENG_6 in i386 mode on this MB (two
> > > integrated em nics) and it
> > > works quite well
> >
> >  Have you tried it with the tune for Diskd
> mentioned.
> No,
>          But I have a box scheduled to be put
> together tomorrow and 
> will give it a try.  How much RAM do you have on
> them ?
>          ---Mike 

 Ok - I have done more tests and it gets more odd.
  I was running actually 6.2-PreRelease. To see if 
something was fixed, I setup a new disk with a fresh
install of 6.2-RELEASE amd64. Now even without the
sysctl modifications I can reboot the server with:
 bonnie++ -d /home -u root -s1g

 Tyan S3992 Mb with a 2210 CPU and 4Gigs Ram.
 Western Digital Raptor WD740ADFD

 Error on console: Tons of ones like these zoom by.

Length=626729(] error=6

 This is true under P-ATA or S-ATA.



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