Filesystem full messages

Paul Khavkine pkhavkine at
Wed Feb 7 16:24:47 UTC 2007

Hi guys.

We have a server that keeps reporting /usr filesystem full:

Feb  7 11:20:41 srv15 kernel: pid 47903 (popper), uid 32999 inumber 1011621
on /usr: filesystem full

But it /usr is not full at all:

df -h
/dev/da0s1g     23G    8.7G     13G    41%    /usr

df -ih
/dev/da0s1g     23G    8.7G     13G    41%  269899  2909619    8%   /usr

At first i thought that df was lying, but after verifying, it reports
everything correctly.

Is there anything that can be taking disk space that "df" or "du" would not
be able to report ?
How can i find out this is hapenning ?


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