Can't Login at the Console on FreeBSD 6.0 Release

JP planoprez at
Tue Feb 6 22:34:25 UTC 2007

Hi Gang,
  So I'm not quite sure what happened here, someone with root access, who probably shouldn't have had it managed to make a mess of things.  He claims he was trying to install source files and on reboot he could no longer login to the system.  I am able to boot into single user mode, I see that login is core-dumping on signal 11 and as such I can't login to the box.  Ftp, SSH, and other services are not responsive and don't even attempt to allow me to login remotely.  
I'd like to be able to login at the console, and be able to FTP into the box so I can pull everything down and do a fresh install.  Any suggesitons on how to do this?  I already did a passwd root and created a new password thinking it would fix things, but it didn't.  At the console, it just asks for Login, and then password and then keeps looping if though I am putting in the right information.

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