Solved: Negation in tables for packet filter

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Tue Feb 6 23:22:35 UTC 2007

Erik Norgaard wrote:

> I want to create two tables in my packet filter, the first should match 
> any valid public ip, so I created a table negating anything reserved:
> table <internet> const { !0/8 !10/8 !127/8 !169.254/16 !172.16/12 \
>                     !192.0.2/24 !192.168/16 !198.18/15 !224/4 !240/4 }

Of course, I could do something different here, defining a table for 
<local> networks and negate it. The rest should be caught by the 
filtering rules anyway to block non-routable packets.

> I have three tables with 
> different registered hosts with different access levels, I want to 
> redirect unknown hosts to a page explaining what to do to get registered,
> rdr on $wlan_if proto tcp from { $wlan_net !<super> !<users> !<free> } \
>      to <internet> port http -> port 8000

This one is solved with:

no rdr on $wlan_if proto tcp from { <super> <users> <free> } \
       to <internet> port http
rdr on $wlan_if proto tcp from $wlan_net to !<local> \
       port http -> port 8000

However, it would be nice to know if the documentation is incorrect, or 
there is a difference in how negation is treated in nat and filter 

Thanks, Erik
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