syslog from Cisco -> FreeBSD not working

Ewald Jenisch a at
Tue Feb 6 12:01:07 UTC 2007


I'm running into a problem configuring my syslogd in order to accept
messages from Routers (Cisco).

Here's what I did in my syslog.conf:
local7.*                /var/log/cisco-syslog

Fields are separated by tabs of course

In /etc/rc.conf I've got the following:
matching my local network.

Unfortunately I don't see anything in my syslog from the router(s). I
fired up tcpdump and sure enough the syslog-packets originating from
the router hit my machine.

To further track this down I changed the above line in syslog.conf to

local7.*                /var/log/cisco-syslog

Again, no syslog messages.

Next try:
local7.*                /var/log/debug.log

Again, no entry in the log

Sure enough I restared syslogd between every test; also I have the
fields in syslog.conf separted by tabs and the log-files in questions
are existent with and chmod-ed 600.

Any ideas what could be wrong here - or put in another way - has
anybody out there got logging from Ciscos towards a FreeBSD box

TIA for your help!

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