php5-session-5.2.0 is already installed

Henrik Hudson lists at
Tue Feb 6 07:20:58 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 06 February 2007 00:43, Noah <admin2 at> sent a missive 
> Hi there,
> FreeBSD-6.2
> I am attempting to build gallery2
> but the build fails because a dependency php5-session-5.2.0 is already
> built.  okay fine.  how do I get around that
> here is the original command:
> portinstall www/gallery2
> here are snippets from the output:

I would do as the error suggested and make deinstall the php5-session and then 
either do a portinstall again or just let the portinstall gallery dependancy 
handle the install of the session.

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