6.x, 4.x ipfw/dummynet pf/altq - network performance issues

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> I suppose my concerns are two-fold. Why is 6.x collapsing under traffic 
>that 4.11 could easily block and run merrily along with, and is there a 
>queueing mechanism in place that doesn't tie up the box so much on 
>inbound flows that it ignores all other relevant traffic?
>(as a note, all tests were done with device polling enabled. Without it 
>systems fall over pretty quickly. I also tried tests using 3com cards 
>and had the same results)

On the 6.x box, try enabling adding to /etc/sysctl.conf


and in /boot/loader.conf, add


Also removing 

options         ADAPTIVE_GIANT          # Giant mutex is adaptive.

from the kernel helps a bit as well.


your load avg will be messed up but it should help performance a bit.

As for firewall rules, things really seem to fall down performance
wise, as compared to RELENG_4.  I havent found a way to improve that
performance.... However, on the plus side, an extra core does seem to
help a bit with the box remaining responsive.  For NICs, stay with em
or bge nics for now in RELENG_6

I have some misc test results at http://www.tancsa.com/blast.html

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