how do i find

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sun Feb 4 22:19:28 UTC 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 09:42:45AM +0000, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> Gary Kline wrote:
>>> 	What utility will find the shared lib:
>>> 	In the apache httpd.conf from a couple weeks ago, the file was 
>>> 	in /usr/local/libexec/apache/ and it just might be that if I
>>> 	rebuild the library, PHP files will suddenly work.
>>> 	...Hope springs eternal.....
>> Did you recompile the php4 port recently?  If you:
>>     cd /usr/ports/lang/php4
>>     make config
>> Is the box for 'Build Apache Module' checked?  If not,
>> check it now, and reinstall the land/php4 port.  That
>> should regenerate the module in
>> /usr/local/libexec/apache
> 	Some questions for you, Matthew; hopefully not too uninformed...  .
> 	One, how to I bring up that DOS-ish '3-D' (Or whatever) check
> 	winfow? and how to reset if I make a mistake?   I've checked 
> 	everywhere I can think of, or nearly.
> 	Of note is that overnight--from 03.00 until I finally unglued my
> 	eyes--I installed php5 on zen.  The php files display; the
> 	counter and other php code  may work; and for totally unknown
> 	reasons, on tao php works without my having any php port
> 	installed.  --It may just display as html displays.  The code
> 	can't exec (barring ghosts in closets).  How does php work
> 	elsewhere as it does on my laptop, zen, while I'm having such
> 	troubles on ns1??   I have moved the *new* httpd.conf into
> 	/usr/local/etc/apache, restarted apache.  Zip.  I am about to 
> 	rebuild php4 on ns1 using portupgrade.  
> 	FWIW, I did a wholesale upgrade on my primary server toward the
> 	end of January, and on the 31st  noticed trouble with PHP.  I 
> 	figured it was because I was messing with the javascript
> 	extensions/addons on firefox.  Nope.  I severely shot off both
> 	feet.  Any help or insights much appreciated!  ...Yes, I googled
> 	around for this problem.  Nothing worked.
> 	merci d'advanc,
> 	gary
>> 	Cheers,
>> 	Matthew
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>>                                                       Flat 3
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Just try running php on the command line with the php file. The only 
thing that won't be set is the variables that are setup from apache 
(HTML related environment variables). If anything fails, it will there 
with a lot more info.


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