iTunes - once again.

Chris racerx at
Sun Feb 4 20:47:43 UTC 2007

Heya folks -

	Every 6 months (sometimes longer) I ask about either a port, or a Wine
config that allows the playing of iTune-purchased music.

	Last I seen, Banshee comes close (Under Linux) and of course I opted to
give Wine a shot.

	I could settle for Wine *IF* there is/was a version of iTunes that some
has gotten to work - no need pointing me to the WineHQ site. The docs
for versions of iTunes is lacking (and of course, I'm being kind).

	So - if anyone has gotten iTunes files to work (Please, I don't want to
go through the madness of converting 7 DVD's into MP3 format), let me know.

	With a little luck, someone has gotten this done without hours of kludging.

Best regards,

Cost of repair can be determined by multiplying the
cost of your new coat by 1.75, or by multiplying the
cost of a new washer by .75.
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