swap file vs swap partition

Aloha Guy alohaguy123 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 20:06:57 UTC 2007

Greetings everyone:

I am planning to build a few new boxes which will run -RELEASE and -CURRENT and I have a question about the swap file.  In the past, I had always used a swap partition of 256MB since I originally had 128MB system memory in the 1990's but my system has been upgraded to 2GB and it seems the swap file would have more flexibility as I can just change the size of the swapfile if I needed to. My question is is there any difference in performance between a swap file versus a swap partition and can one run a system with a swap file instead of a swap partition?  Also, searching has not gotten me very far but are there any drawbacks to a swap file instead of a swap partition?  I read somewhere that a few people seem to think that a swap file can't handle kernel crash dumps?  Shouldn't it be the same as both of them occupy disk space and as long as the swap file is large enough, wouldn't it work?  Thanks.


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