packet destination from pcap

nocturnal nocturnal at
Sun Feb 4 19:48:16 UTC 2007


I'm sniffing packets with pcap but i need information about where the
packet is going. So far i haven't found any structure or any other way
to get this information from looking at the pcap(3) manual and the
pcap.h header file. I have not had a chance to go through the source for
pcap yet because i have been offline for a while with no source on my

I'm thinking i need to open two pcap sessions with two different filters
because the application i'm writing has a need for distinguishing
between packets going to a specified ip-address and those going from it.
  I doubt it should have to come to that though so that's why i ask here

I could not reach the tcpdump list so i thought i'd ask here since it
uses the bpf. Might be a long shot.

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Stefan Midjich aka nocturnal

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