'borrowing' 6.1 drivers for use in 6.2 (sata)

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Sat Feb 3 17:17:41 UTC 2007

You shouldn't have any trouble downgrading to the 6.1 drivers but
I would suggest instead that you e-mail Soren the maintainer of the SATA
driver before doing anything.  He may have patched it already.  At least,
try the current driver from CVS first.

All you really have to do is copy the current driver to a backup file
then download the older driver from the cvs webinterface on freebsd.org
and recompile your kernel.

If you really want this fixed, find the exact revision in cvs where the
support broke, obviously it will be between 6.1-release and 6.2-release,
and let Soren know.  It will take a few kernel recompiles to do that.
Fortunately your system boot isn't on the controller, not many folks I'm
sure have that setup.  When you do figure it out, please create a PR
using send-pr


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> If anyone has read my earlier posts, they know the acer/uli/asus
> motherboard sata chipset simply won't work in 6.2.  It worked fine in
> 6.1, so I wonder if I can steal the driver from a 6.1 install?  Or do
> I just have to downgrade?  Having my server offline (even though it's
> only my personal files) is simply not an option.  FYI, several others
> have complained about the same chipset with no resolution, so I'm
> fairly certain it's not something I did.
> Steve
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