windows behaviour on installing new packages

Gobbledegeek gobbledegeek at
Fri Feb 2 05:38:01 UTC 2007


I  noticed  over the past few weeks, that  after  installing  numerous
packages (pkg_add  -r),  I could not execute them  (not  found). They
were standard  packages installed in the standard locations like
/usr/local/bin or sbin (already in $PATH).  Running ldconfig, logging
out and  logging back in did not help either.  *Rebooting*  helps

What gives?    Are the  package install scripts missing  some  install
command ? System is 6.2  production release.

Mine is a home desktop, but in the context of  a server this  is
completely  unacceptable.

Please copy  me  as I  am not subscribed.

[Everything but Gobbledegook.. !!]

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