Anyone used ndis successfully?

Szilveszter Adam sziszi at
Thu Feb 1 20:32:19 UTC 2007


Yes I have used ndisgen successfully recently (and even in front of
running TV cameras, which according to Murphy really should tickle all
possible bugs :-) with a Ralink wifi card (yes, a native driver exists,
but this was in a TV show and my only point was to demonstrate the
functionality of ndisgen) and -CURRENT.

Your problem may be related to the fact that the .INF file is either not
ASCII coded (but maybe UTF-8) (you can verify this with file(1)) or
contains garbage somewhere, like a spurious character or a newline or
whatnot that the Windows parser does not trip upon but the ndis one
does. You may need to try around a bit. Also, you may want to search the
website of the card manufacturer to see if they have a more recent
version of the driver or try drivers for various Windows versions.

Hope these tips help somewhat :-)

Szilveszter ADAM

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