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> Hi,
> Victor Subervi wrote:
> > toward a low-level language. I am not good in any :( I'm thinking
> > Java's
> Assembler?
> > probably my best bet, just because there are more Java programmers
> > out there than any other language (I think). But what about C++ or
> > C#? Your comments
> I would use a combination out of C and C++.
> Even if there are more Java programmers out there, they not have the 
> experience of the most C/C++ programmers.
> Erich

Yes, C/C++ would be ideal as low level language combo.

But a hybrid approach is not bad either, e.g. C/C++ for bottlenecks
that ought to be fast, Python for everything else. You can nicely mix
and match Python and C/C++ with tools like SWIG or with the
Boost.Python C++ library. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

Even if only while developping pure C/C++ code, it ain't bad to use
a hybrid approach for unit testing, rapid prototyping etc. during

Happy new year to all.

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