How to not start syslogd

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Mon Dec 31 17:42:02 PST 2007

On Dec 31, 2007, at 9:13 AM, DAve wrote:

> Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
>> Yep.  It was a typo.  I should let this be a reminder to always  
>> copy and
>> paste such things into email instead of retyping.

> Small hint shown to me many years ago when enabling things in rc.conf.
> If I want to startup ipfilter for example (trimmed to avoid wrapping).
> bash-2.05b# cat /etc/defaults/rc.conf | grep ^ipfilter
> Returns the following,
> ipfilter_enable="NO"            # Set to YES to enable ipfilter
> ipfilter_program="/sbin/ipf"    # where the ipfilter program lives
> ipfilter_rules="/etc/ipf.rules" # rules definition file for ipfilter,
> ipfilter_flags=""               # additional flags for ipfilter
> If it looks like what you want then write it into your running  
> rc.conf,
> cat /etc/defaults/rc.conf | grep ^ipfilter >> /etc/rc.conf
> Then you can edit to enable, add flags, etc. Cures the typos.

Thank you!  That is a very nice tip.


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