corporate backers of freebsd

Pollywog lists-fbsd at
Mon Dec 31 15:15:24 PST 2007

On Monday 31 December 2007 18:10:55 Gary Smithe wrote:

> In short, here's my question:
> Canonical, RedHat, IBM, Novell, and a slew of others are funding /
> supporting Linux development and pushing some of that development into
> the free community, so that all can benefit from full-time developers
> and the money that supports them.

This is true but on the flip side, Linux has become a target of the patent 
trolls (Microsoft and SCO to name two) and thus far they have left FreeBSD 
alone.  This was one thing that prompted me to try FreeBSD and to not depend 
exclusively on one OS solution.  I am just an individual user but this was 
still important to me.

BTW you may have read that SCO has been delisted by NASDAQ   :)

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